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Posted February 16th, 2012 by Jeff Sauer

Three Deep LogoEver since Three Deep was founded in 2003, we have been hard at work trying to make our marketing programs more efficient, scalable, and effective for our clients. To continue to deliver high-quality work at a competitive price point for our clients, we have invested in great people, processes and technology.  For the past 24 months, that technology piece has been core to ongoing developments, ultimately resulting with the creation of Crossfuse (you can even see this foreshadowed in our 2010 Star Tribune feature article).

As we have added a great web development team to Three Deep Marketing, we have built in house tools to bring scale to our paid search, organic search and lead generation efforts. However, most of these tools rarely made it beyond Three Deep’s walls, merely known by internal code names such as Project Skunkworks, Three Deep Engine and Connxes.

Not until 2011 did we make a decision to give our internal project a name for the outside world, finding Crossfuse to be a worthy representation of the all encompassing nature of our platform. Cross represents the way our platform can be deployed across the entire spectrum of customer acquisition, nurturing and retention.  Fuse represents the fusion of technologies used in order to create a truly integrated marketing platform.

Many large companies will spend years searching for the holy grail of integrated marketing autonomy – a silver bullet that can handle all online marketing activities in a single platform. Most of these companies will fail to achieve their goals because the projects are highly customized, expensive, and never ending. The only people who benefit from the project are the consultants and experts hired to work on a consistently lucrative stream of billable hours.

These companies have a need to fuse their efforts across their entire marketing spectrum, but don't always have the proper staff and technology acumen to get things done. This is what gets us most excited about launching the Crossfuse platform; it gives our clients a truly integrated marketing program complete with managed services, strategy, execution and a strong technology back end.

There are many software companies that make the same claim of integrating marketing efforts, but they require a lot of self service configuration and hand holding to be effective.  Here is how Crossfuse is different:

  • You don't need to buy the whole thing at once. You can simply use Crossfuse to build landing pages for your paid search program if that's all you need today.
  • Services are required as part of Crossfuse. You can't buy Crossfuse as an off the shelf software.  When you sign up for Crossfuse, you are actually buying the great minds of one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the United States.
  • We work with your current technology investments. Crossfuse is not reinventing the wheel by creating an email delivery engine, CRM tool or search management software. We prefer to use off the shelf technology to execute marketing whenever possible. Crossfuse simply manages the flow of information between these tools. This makes new technology integrations an API call away.
  • Crossfuse grows with you. The decision to host Crossfuse in "the cloud" was an obvious one. We want to be able to deliver excellent features and functionality to our clients without making them pay custom development prices. By hosting our service in the cloud, we can deliver new functionality to all of our clients in a single product release. The product becomes infinitely more valuable to our clients over time, yet they are not charged individually for these innovations.

Crossfuse was built by a digital marketing agency to streamline the marketing process for online marketers.  If you sign up with Crossfuse, you are not just getting a piece of technology: you are getting a top notch digital marketing agency in a box.

If you have ever struggled with underwhelming technology launches, rising agency costs and a sense of frustration with the overwhelming list of things you want to get done with your marketing dollars, then you should seriously consider Crossfuse.  Our team is eager to work with you.  

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