Technology companies understand that online marketing is a cost effective way to drive more revenue, but they depend on their channel partners to make that happen. These partners often fall short with their marketing efforts, no matter how many co-op dollars they spend. Crossfuse provides a platform for resellers, VARs and system integrators to drive more leads online by leveraging the strength of the parent technology company combined with our managed services.

There is a huge gap in prospect acquisition, lead distribution and revenue attainment in online marketing programs due to inefficiencies between technology companies and their reseller networks. Online lead generation is the key to revenue growth for technology companies and their channel partners moving forward, and Crossfuse has the combination of technology and managed services to get it done.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Services

Manufacturers of home building products rely on independent contractors to market, sell and install their products for homeowners. At the same time, homeowners are going online at a record pace in order to find contractors and products to replace their old siding, windows, gutters, bath tubs and HVAC equipment. The problem is that most contractors lack the knowledge and skills needed to run effective online marketing campaigns and see an acceptable return on investment. This results in outdated websites, unproductive online ad spend and social media misses that prohibit contractors from getting their share of revenue from online leads.

Manufacturers have networks of hundreds of independent dealers, franchisees or resellers, yet they leave the most important function of sales and marketing up to dealers with no formal marketing background. Crossfuse bridges the gap between manufacturers and their dealer network to create a centralized platform that delivers coordinated online marketing support to lower lead costs and generate more sales for both manufacturer and contractor.


Independent Insurance Agents

Insurance is among the most competitive and rapidly changing segments in online marketing, with search engine click costs skyrocketing to catch consumers focused on finding the lowest priced provider. With annual advertising budgets spanning hundreds of millions of dollars by major companies, the independent insurance agent is often left behind when it comes to online marketing. By partnering with Agoragate Insurance, Crossfuse has created a better way for independent insurance agents to achieve online success.

Insurance seekers are going online to find valuable information on auto, home and life insurance policies. Nearly a third of them are looking to establish a trusted relationship with a reputable independent insurance agent to help them navigate through their insurance needs, the benefits and drawbacks of each policy type, and establish the best option for their unique needs. Crossfuse and Agoragate Insurance are teaming up to connect consumers with independent insurance agents.



Whether you are a medical device company, a hospital system or a group of doctors, patients are seeking information about treatments and services online. The problem that most medical professionals face is that in a highly regulated industry it is often difficult to market to patients and maintain compliance. Many healthcare professionals also find that working on marketing programs takes them away from their true passion and life calling of helping patients.

After years of consulting with the healthcare industry, we have come to understand the unique needs of the medical and healthcare industry, and we have built Crossfuse to make lead generation and patient follow up easier and more cost effective for the healthcare industry.

Business to Business Marketing

Business to Business Marketing

For years, B2B products and services have thrived on a robust sales process aiming to "sell high" into an organization. With distribution networks in place, an engaged sales force and strategic partnerships abound, the biggest challenge most B2B companies have is connecting the dots between their products/services, their distributors and prospective customers. As more customers go online to conduct their research, this gap is widening and many companies are failing to embrace the Internet as a source for new inbound customer inquiries. Whether it is a lack of online knowledge, no firm go to market strategy, or difficulty managing relationships with hundreds of resellers – online lead generation continues to be a challenge for providers of business to business products and services.

Crossfuse was developed from the ground up to solve these problems by bringing scale of powerful marketing programs to B2B product and service distribution channels. By aggregating marketing collateral, media spend and optimization techniques across a portfolio of geographic reseller locations, Crossfuse can generate leads from motivated buyers seeking a local service provider to fulfill their needs. This benefits both the manufacturers and resellers by providing a world class lead generation program that is accountable and measurable for all parties involved. This is important, because over half of all CMOs indicate their most significant digital challenge is measuring how online marketing programs impact the offline behavior of their customers. Crossfuse allows B2B Manufacturers to take proactive measures to resolve wasted marketing dollars and gain new revenue opportunities.


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