3 Super Charged Channels for Fast & Consistent Internet Leads

Posted May 31st, 2012 by Diane Kulseth

Why is it that some entrepreneurs are confident in spending millions a month on generating Internet leads and consistently see big returns while some large corporations are still fumbling to make any impact or see any results from their online marketing efforts?


They understand how to use these 3 Internet lead channels to produce live prospects quickly, on demand and recognize the importance of having a system to manage them efficiently.


1. SEO – It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated      


Search engine optimization doesn’t actually have to be that complicated. Unfortunately trying to navigate the massive maze of misinformation, out dated tips and ineffective SEO ‘specialists’ can make it very frustrating, expensive and time consuming to actually try to generate significant amounts of Internet leads. This is especially true for large and growing networks who have incredibly fragmented online marketing efforts.


Those organizations with multiple dealers, branches and customer facing web presences need to recognize the need for synergy and really getting the most out of local SEO and mobile marketing with the maximum ROI on every one’s budget. The more successful and streamlined the brand is as whole the better it is for everyone. If you are going to hire an SEO expert, realize that this is not something to skimp on and you need to find someone who really gets it today and is already pushing the envelope and testing for keeping you at the top of search results for tomorrow. Most importantly, know that the downside of poor SEO is a bottomless abyss where your website could be tossed by search engines.


By incorporating solid back-linking strategies, utilizing the right keywords, designing effective landing pages and building an effective network of blogs and optimized social pages SEO can deliver a consistent flow of Internet leads.


2. Social Media – Not Just for Branding


You may have been told a thousand times that social media is a must have and that it is there for adding value and not for selling. This isn’t exactly true. You should use your social platforms to provide valuable content and it is one of the most cost effective means of marketing on the web but it can and is being used to generate real Internet leads on a large scale very quickly by those who really know how to use it.


It is important to protect the brand’s image and reputation on social platforms especially when franchisees may be attempting their own social efforts. However, there is no excuse for sitting back and complaining that it isn’t working or producing if real strategies are not being used. A proactive approach to social and an effective strategy for flowing in prospects and making them converts is one of the least expensive and fastest ways to expand reach and deliver real customers.


3. PPC Advertising – Hot or Not?


Inbound marketing, content marketing, earned media are all terms and trends being thrown around recently. These are great ideas and important concepts to integrate into an ongoing online marketing strategy and presence which will survive for the long term. However, paid marketing is not dead. In fact the hottest brands and entrepreneurs who are making not just millions a year but millions a month know that PPC advertising is still the way to produce high volumes of Internet leads right now and consistently, whenever they are needed. It is directly buying business. You need more sales, run PPC campaigns. If events need to be filled or targets need to be hit, then turn on the PPC.


Leads Do Not Equal Deals!


Generating masses of Internet leads really isn’t that hard with a reasonable budget and the right strategies. However, it is how those leads are handled that often makes the difference between burning dollars and banking big revenues. What system are you using to control and manage you Internet leads? How are they being funneled in and out to those who will close the business. How are they being capitalized on for maximizing returns in the future?


When you take the time to genuinely invest in all aspects of your lead generation program, you’ll be more likely to enjoy the benefits of increased leads, revenues, and business reach. If you need assistance investing in these tactics for your business, contact Crossfuse today!

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