3 Steps to Maximizing Conversions on Contact Center Leads

Posted April 26th, 2012 by Diane Kulseth

Whether attempting to drive down costs to remain competitive or ramp up growth to dominate an industry, we consider it essential for any business to maximize conversion rates and marketing ROI at every possible opportunity. One of the most under-utilized opportunities is through a contact center. So, how can you generate better contact center leads, while increasing the ability to handle more volume and get the most out of every marketing dollar?

1. Improving Conversion Rates of Contact Center Leads

By focusing more energy and employing advanced strategies, our clients are now able to leverage search and social as machines for generating large amounts of warm contact center leads eagerly waiting to hear from them.

The more targeted your campaigns are, are and the more credibility your brand exudes, the better quality leads your organization will be bringing in. This not only means hot leads which are an ideal match for your products or services, but ones which are easier to close and will soak up far less resources once contact is made. 

For our clients, it usually takes some tweaks throughout your advertising campaigns that can have a dramatic result in the prospects that are gathered. These tweaks can include:

  • Changing the target market
  • How you utilize your business phone number
  • Layout of your web pages
  • The setup of your sales funnel

It all starts with a well-defined ideal customer profile that guides these decisions, along with a strong knowledge of what is working in the current market and ongoing testing.

2. Be the First

If there is one thing that companies can do to instantly improve their ROI it is making sure that no opportunity is missed. This doesn’t mean calling customers back next week, it means calling them NOW.

Consumers are more demanding than ever. They want information and products right now, wherever they are. They are not big fans of waiting, and with a plethora of other choices at their fingers via their smart-phones or tablets, they will not have to wait. They will keep on emailing, filling out forms, and calling until someone answers or gets back to them.

Just by being first to respond, the business can be yours. How can you ensure this happens in your organization? How can you implement a system that ensures all enquiries are followed up on in minutes, all the time? If your contact center leads can’t get this level of attention then it may be time to consider a contact center solution such as Crossfuse.

3. Maximizing the Potential of All Contact Center Leads

If your operations are in chaos and only those ready to make a purchase this minute are being served, you are essentially leaving the vault open and letting others walk off with the gold that your contact center leads hold. However you count it, you are paying for those leads. They may not be ready or able to hand you a check today but they do have value.

Those that do close should still be contacted for renewals and upgrades. Those that don’t, should be nurtured until they are ready, and kept informed of your current promotions and offers. Find a system for automating this, one that keeps follow up costs down and keeps pushing these prospects through your funnel so that no opportunities are lost and every possible dollar is capitalized on.

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