International Crossfuse: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted September 17th, 2012 by Jeff Sauer

As Crossfuse takes off in the marketplace, our current and potential customers ask some great questions to better understand what we are able to offer. It turns out the a turnkey online generation platform for companies marketing to multiple locations almost sounds too good to be true!

Recently we have received a lot of questions about the international capabilities of the Crossfuse platform and how we handle lead generation outside of our US headquarters. The answer is that Crossfuse works the same internationally as it does locally, with a few caveats to take into account as you move into new markets.

The good news is that these caveats involve the same concerns that all marketers should look at as they take their marketing programs international: making sure your proven marketing programs translate well into the market you target. This is both literal (language translation) as well as symbolic (is this how successful marketing programs are executed in this country?). 

Here are some frequently asked questions we have about Crossfuse's ability to work internationally, as well as our answers.

Does Crossfuse work internationally and in multiple languages? 

Our pages can be visible in any country in any language, but does require an investment in creating the new pages and translated content to fit the unique selling environment of each country. Pay Per Click advertising allows us to display advertisements in most areas of the world by country. We can bid on certain geographies and territories with a great deal of accuracy in most developed countries.

Our IP geolocation service works within 50-90% accuracy within 40KM for most countries. 

What makes for a successful international program? 

For the most successful programs, the landing pages and layout should endure more than a simple literal translation from english to the new language. You will want to have native speakers of a country do translation and also have them provide feedback on overall marketing messages and website layout. In addition, having native speakers review the keyword list is important to make sure that the right targets are set.  

Where should we start? 

We highly recommend starting the program in the US to english speakers and then growing from there. The reason is simple – you get feedback on performance right away in what is likely to be your most competitive market. In order to compete in the US, you need to be on the top of your game, work for results, and blow away competition. Once the program is proven in the US, transporting internationally works very well and can scale to most major markets. 

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