7 Guidelines for Choosing a CRM Software

Posted May 10th, 2012 by Diane Kulseth

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, there is no doubt that customer relationship management (CRM) can mean the difference between an organization’s success and failure in lead generation. But integrating CRM software into the company’s lead generation process isn’t enough; there should be a proper and thorough CRM strategy that is designed to maximize results. Many companies merely skip this step and expect that their CRM software will take care of their strategy. It’s imperative that the CRM strategy be aligned with the company’s goals in order for the software to be effective.

Considerations for an Effective Lead Generation CRM Software

In order for a business’ CRM software to be effective for their lead generation strategy, we recommend that they consider the following:.

CRM is Ongoing

Unlike other projects, the implementation of this software doesn’t end. Organizations collect data, implement what they learned, and adjust the process based on experience. Repetition leads to greater effectiveness. Do not expect the amount of work to drastically increase after installing the software. It’s one of the greatest misconceptions that we see among our clients.

Strategy Comes First

Before you look for software that is available in the market, it is important to identify your company’s requirements, and plan the business process. It is only after understanding the framework that you can integrate the software into the equation.

Expect Challenges

Just like any change within a company, the implementation of the CRM system inevitably leads to some opposition. This opposition can either come from people in the organization and even customers. It is important to brief all departments and divisions about the benefits of the system to help them understand it more.

Look at Many CRM Systems

In evaluating the available platforms in the market, it is important to request several companies for proposal. This lets you compare the most suitable commercial software for your CRM strategy.

Try it Out

Don’t go for the standard demonstration that is typically offered by software providers. Instead, make it a point to ask them how their functions can meet the specific needs of your business. They can show the features you can customize to meet the objectives.

Implement Everywhere

Since CRM is all about integrating customer data from all points, it must be implemented from the bottom all the way to the top of the organization. That means that your senior management should require everyone in marketing, sales, customer support, and all departments to use it to manage customers from all points of contact.

Analyze Your Results
As mentioned earlier, the implementation of CRM software is an ongoing process. With plenty of data and experience using the system, your business should be able to make changes to your strategy based on your results. Identifying areas of improvement can provide significantly better experience for your customers.

The key to reaping all the benefits of CRM software lies in having a thorough CRM strategy. Without a good strategy, CRM will just become another expense that brings little return on its investment.

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