Crossfuse Just Got Faster

Posted August 13th, 2012 by Jeff Sauer

Over the past 12 months, the number of clients who we have added to Crossfuse is staggering, resulting in a 500% increase in the number of pageviews on our system.

In order to stay ahead of the demand put on our servers, Crossfuse engineers worked hard to implement several techniques to optimize page load time, including database abstraction and caching. Words like nHibernate, SQL query optimization and reducing the number of round trips to the database have been heard around the office these past several weeks, and their impact have not gone unnoticed.

The result: a 30% improvement in page load time across all Crossfuse powered websites. 

That's right, Crossfuse is 30% faster!  

Improvements like these are what makes us excited that Crossfuse lives in the cloud. Rather than having a breakthrough on a single client website and taking months to roll out to the rest of our client base, we are able to make changes that affect all users in a single update.  That's powerful.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to add functionality to the system while maintaining a consistent or improved page load time. It won't always be easy, but with continued focus, it will be the way.

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