All of Your Locations Belong on Crossfuse

Posted August 17th, 2012 by Jeff Sauer

 Crossfuse All Your Locations

Let's start off this Friday with a little geek humor. Over the past few weeks we have been working to establish a mission statement for Crossfuse to encompass what we do, simplify our explanation, and keep our product development on the right track.

After floating a few things around, right now it is looking like this mission may win out:

"To become the definitive marketing suite of products and services for companies with centralized marketing for multiple locations"

Basically, Crossfuse aims to be the location based marketing vendor of choice for any company that has multiple locations and needs marketing services to reach all of them. This has been a difficult task for companies over time, because it's difficult enough to manage marketing for one location, let alone 10, 100 or 1,000 locations. 

What we have found is that the marketing piece is actually not the problem when it comes to managing a program with multiple locations. In fact, marketing managers generally have a strong idea of what they would like to accomplish when marketing on behalf of their locations. Where they run into their biggest issues are with scalability and available time.

Assuming that a sound marketing plan is in place, time and scalability can be solved with technology. However, until this point, no real technology exists to allow for comprehensive marketing across many locations. There may be software that does one thing very well (for example, email newsletters), but does not connect the dots between other marketing activities.

The marketing manager is left with having to piece together several different technologies in order to accomplish their goals, all while being under-staffed to get the job done.

There has to be a better way to accomplish this, right?

We are trying to solve this fundamental problem with Crossfuse by taking the common tasks among these marketing plans and using technology to make it easier. We built a platform that works alongside your email marketing platform, CRM system, content syndication platform and more to give you a best in class marketing platform without all of the hassle. 

From acquisition of new customers through reporting on the results for each location, Crossfuse takes the friction out of the process for companies marketing to multiple locations.

Simply put, all of your locations belong on Crossfuse. 

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